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                                                  报告题目: Inventory  and  Trade  Policy  Uncertainty:Evidence  From  Chinese  Exporters


                                                  主讲人:陈晓平 南洋理工大学助理教授


                                                  主持人:周默涵   百人计划研究员  







                                                  主讲人介绍Dr. Chen is an Assistant Professor from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Before NTU, he obtained his BA in economics from Tsinghua University and PhD in economics from Boston College. His research interest lies in international trade and its effect on technology diffusion, labor market outcomes etc. His previous work has been published in the Journal of Development Economics and the World Economy.





                                                  This paper studies how exporting firms' inventory responds to a reduction in trade policy uncertainty. Using firm-level data on inventory and exports to the United States and other countries over the period around China's WTO accession, we show that reduction in trade policy uncertainty significantly increases exporting firms' inventory stocks. We also find that the reduction in trade policy uncertainty increases the frequency of export transactions and the average volume of each transaction.

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